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Idartes International, a window to the world

In 2020, the District Institute of the Arts – Idartes, established its Idartes International project, a window to the world to promote the art and culture of Bogotá in other scenarios at a global level, as well as to circulate experiences, knowledge and proposals from other countries. 

The entity is therefore, an open window to a universe of talents encompassing all artistic expressions and the cultural wealth of an entire country.

Idartes International It is a tool for the generation of new alliances, synergies, cooperation networks and work schemes prioritizing the circulation of artists and promoting the exchange of knowledge and information.

Through international management, Idartes generates opportunities for art and culture by amplifying and making visible local talent in relevant international scenarios, contributing to the development of the creative capacities of the capital, the construction of the social fabric and a more extensive diffusion of the Colombian culture.