Strategic lines

Art and memory with no borders

A rural woman dressed traditionally with a black hat and red ribbons on her hair.

Through this line, Idartes manages, supports and encourages artistic and cultural initiatives generating social impact in communities and territories, in order to establish indicators of social transformation through arts and identifying methodological strategies applied by different organizations and artistic groups.

Art and memory with no borders promotes community artistic and cultural practices as a strategy for strengthening the social fabric, through which communities make visible their causes, manifestations and their own voice without mediation, as expressions of resilience and resistance, to counteract silence, oblivion and evasion in historically segregated territories..

Art, science and technology

 A person wears a special suit with lights created with electronic arts during the Ciudad Deseo festival.

The Art, Science and Technology Line was created taking into account the profound changes taking place in contemporary cities and specifically in the artistic field, in which technological transformations propose new and imminent forms of relationship. It is for this reason that the line seeks to ensure such dialogues between art and technology allowing the convergence of agents from the field of the arts, the public sphere and society.

Its purpose is to expand the creative limits of artistic practices hand in hand with digital logic and generate collaborative spaces in the city for innovation and entrepreneurship.

 The line is made up of two main programs: Plataforma Bogotá, an interactive art, science and technology laboratory, and CKWEB, an experimental radio and audiovisual station.

Sustainability of the artistic ecosystem

 Four performers dressed in white floating over a stage with a blue curtain on the back. Responsible for promoting networking, associativity, articulation, entrepreneurship, innovation, circulation and reactivation of the artistic agents of Bogotá, guaranteeing their economic, social, political, environmental and cultural sustainability within the framework of the defense of citizens’ cultural rights.

In this sense, and taking into account the current crisis experienced worldwide caused by the pandemic, among community groups or creative companies — and everything in between — permanent questions often arise such as: how to go on? How not to disappear? And, no less important, how not to lose the meaning of what is being done?