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Artistic Department

Dramatic Art Department
Two actors hovering over a stage in a beige background with red maple leaves.

This department manages plans, programs and projects of the city policy aimed at training, research, creation, circulation and appropriation of dramatic art in Bogotá.

One of the central axes of its management is the Concerted Halls District Program, which provides support to city halls having a permanent artistic project, premiere activities, seasonal exhibitions and events open to the public and of interest, offering a theater schedule and other artistic manifestations with a diversity of genres, formats and aesthetic proposals.

In addition, the Dramatic Arts Department has designed a strategic plan called Bogotá Teatral y Circense (Theater and Circus Bogotá) for the design, management, implementation, monitoring and improvement of district policy programs and projects, for the citizens’ benefit and theater and circus agents, and that also respond to differential territorial and population approaches, with a gender perspective, as well as knowledge management, from the dimension recognitions and tensions of arts’ subfields and cultural practices.

Plastic and Visual Arts Department

Two women analyzing a group of paintings on the wall.

Plastic and Visual Arts Department is the Idartes unit in charge of managing the organizational and administrative aspects for the plan, program and project deployments of the district policy aimed at strengthening the dimensions of training, research, creation and circulation of the field of plastic and visual arts in the city. The management manages the development of plans, programs and projects aimed at training, research, creation, circulation and appropriation of plastic and visual arts in Bogotá.

Every two years, the Luis Caballero Award makes it possible for residents of the capital to interact with the best and most recent proposals for artistic intervention in a specific place. Furthermore, through the Red Galeria Santa Fe and the opening of the New Galeria Santa Fe, located in La Candelaria neighborhood, it builds stages and audiences for the city’s arts.

The Plastic Arts Department of the District Institute of the Arts - Idartes works to strengthen the plastic and visual arts sector; so that drawing, painting, sculpture, photography, video, performance, are available to the public in galleries and spaces in the city.

Dance Department

A dancer’s moves can be perceived in this high exposure picture

Dance Department manages, executes and evaluates plans, programs and projects for the promotion and appropriation of dance in Bogotá. It works so that artists and spectators find in dance a space for the exercise of cultural rights, the strengthening of the sense of identity, enjoyment, coexistence, tolerance, respect and recognition of the artist’s craft.

The Dance Department works with spatial territories ranging from the local to the global, social, ethnic and age population territories, disciplinary territories crossing the different artistic expressions and generating new proximities between art, culture and technology, dance territories embracing from the most traditional to what emerges with the contemporary dynamics of creation.

In addition, each year the management carries out the Dance Festival in the City, an event making it possible for the dance show to “take over” the city in a party that brings together hundreds of national and international artists in theaters, platforms, stages and public spaces.

Audiovisual Arts Department

‘Libro al Viento’ books inside a colorful basket

Bogotá has, like some of the world’s great cities, a space committed to the preservation and dissemination of audiovisual memory. The Cultural Center for Audiovisual Arts - Cinemateca de Bogotá is a meeting place for the different forms and cultures of the audiovisual industry.

It generates instruments for audiovisual development, in coordination with those who work for the evolution of national audiovisual arts and cultures. Three examples of this work are the creation of the Bogotá Film Commission, the Unified Permit for Filming – PUFA and the construction of the Bogotá Cinematheque.

The department works for the strengthening of audiovisual creation in the city of Bogotá, at the same time we preserve the audiovisual heritage, we promote the research and development of publications, audience and creator training and the exhibition.

Literature Department

Libros de Libro al Viento dentro de una colorida canasta tejida

Literature Department manages the missionary, organizational and administrative aspects for the plan, program and project implementations associated with city cultural policies aimed at training, research, creation, circulation and appropriation of literature, as part of the City’s Plan for Reading and Writing of Bogotá.

The management prioritizes the promotion of artistic practices: activities aimed at creators and cultural industries related to books – independent writers, publishers and booksellers – and the appropriation of literature through activities aimed at the general public whose basic objective is the formation of literary readers. The activities respond to one or more of the dimensions of training, research, creation, circulation and appropriation.

Music Department

A woman musician sings on an intense red background

Music Department is the department of Idartes committed to the promotion, strengthening and development of the music sector in Bogotá. Under this commitment, it has been proposed to approach the music management in the city from a human and artistic dimension, which recognizes the active and dynamic role the different agents of this robust system have in the cultural, economic and political development of the society.

It seeks to respond to the music sector needs, transformations and developments and at the same time provide citizens, in general, with a close, quality and relevant artistic offer, through the development of effective management models, for the realization of the different programs and projects.

Music Department offers citizens opportunities for expression, enjoyment and collective knowledge of music, supports agents in the music sector, promotes the contribution of music to economic development and the city’s competitiveness, manages knowledge, encourages collaborative work and in network, safeguards the memory of musical practices and expressions and generates scenarios for qualification, creation and innovation in the field of music.