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Art and Memory Entrepreneurship Fair with the Power of Art

Saturday, March 19, from one o’clock in the afternoon, young people from the city will introduce their projects at the Bogota Planetarium.
Illustration with pyrography

How to contribute to the transformation of social construct and segregating practices towards young people in their everyday life? How to empower their personal and social being, recognizing them as active individuals in the memory, reconciliation and peace building processes? How to bring together art, memory and entrepreneurship? With the power of art was created from these questions, one of a citizenship from the arts and rights in Bogota project’s young people-oriented components of Instituto Distrital de las Artes - Idartes and Fundación PLAN.

125 young people from Usaquen, Suba, Usme, Martires and Ciudad Bolivar Bogota boroughs built their own community entrepreneurship projects from arts after a collective artistic creation process. On Saturday, March 19, from 1:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m. will be the time to meet them at the Art and Memory Entrepreneurship Fair: With the Power of Art at the Bogota Planetarium, free entry. 

“In Idartes, we want to provide the discussion on memory and symbolic reparation building in the city with voices. That is why we are committed to recognizing the young people role in such process and the power art gives them to express themselves from there. This fair is an exceptional opportunity for networking, get-together and sharing”, said Catalina Valencia Tobon, Idartes director. 

Young people from Suba borough carved their lives on linoleum and will exhibit the public a change is still coming for them. The live memories inhabiting the hills in Ciudad Bolivar were painted with stained glass window colors of and young people from Usaquen who wants to build peace through memory and reconciliation were woven in wool. And learning to read is not only done with a book... learning to read signifies that a meaning can be given to the things seen beyond the look of the Martires borough pedestrians. 

"In PLAN, we are convinced that through art we can change and transform young people lives and the whole society. I invite you to never stop dreaming, to not setting limits but goals and with all your potency and brainpower we can continue to travel, changing and improving young people conditions in our country”, said Angela Beatriz Anzola de Toro, executive president of Fundación PLAN.

There will also be small musical shows in addition to starts-ups and collectives participating on Saturday.