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Full Dome Festival, experimental video art

From December 1 to 4, the fourth edition of the festival organized by the Line of Art, Science and Technology will be held at the Planetarium of Bogotá.
Photograph of the Planetary Dome of Bogotá

The Full Dome Festival - Festival Domo Lleno is a meeting of experimental sound and audiovisual media in full-dome format organized by the Art, Science and Technology Line of  the Instituto Distrital de las Artes - Idartes at the Planetarium of Bogotá, and with the support of the French Alliance, the Hotel Tequendama and the Cinematheque of Bogotá.

During the first days of December, different audiovisual pieces will be projected under the great dome of the Planetarium of Bogotá, allowing people to live a visual and sound experience, which can even become immersive. Additionally, a creation workshop and two conferences will be held, through which it will be possible to involve the public in several experimental narratives.

The international scope festival seeks to promote exploration and audiovisual creation in a full dome format and make visible the work not only of emerging and consolidated artists in the visual arts, science and technology scene, but also of emerging artists at a local level. Raquel Solorzano, from Platform Bogotá, a program of the Art, Science and Technology Line at Idartes, expresses that the festival allows “to think about the concept of the screen both from a contemporary and non-contemporary concept”.

In addition, “it aims to open the Planetarium of Bogotá to other types of audiences, not those who are accustomed to scientific dissemination, but rather, the stage can be conceived as an artistic one from the use of technologies”, adds Solorzano.

Throughout its three editions, the festival has had international guests such as Rosa Menkman from the Netherlands, Johnny Ranger from Canada, Jorge Haro from Argentina and José Alejandro Restrepo from Colombia. For this fourth edition, the meeting will feature the participation of the digital artist from the Netherlands Julius Horsthuis, Jeremy Oury, French digital artist and the ZCCZ Collective, made up of Damian Zantleifer and Luis Campos Caceres, of image and sound of Argentina.

Likewise, the public will be able to see the works of the 2020 and 2021 winners of the Grant for the creation of video art for domes of the City’s Incentive Program, organized by the Cinematheque of Bogotá, the Planetarium of Bogotá and the Art, Science and Technology Line of Idartes.

Carlos Molina, leader in charge of the Planetarium of Bogotá, states that “the stage is firmly committed to the possibility of creating a group of artists around this format, given that it is the main input for the creation of new shows in the city. In addition, we believe it is a format that appears constantly in planetariums and in science societies worldwide, so alternative narratives connecting science with these formats have great possibilities”.

The local creators that will participate in this edition are: Ser Otro Collective –   interdisciplinary art and ecology, Altano Project – audiovisual project exploring the relationships between human being, nature and art, Julian David Rodríguez, graphic designer; Jorge Andrade, audiovisual producer; Hamilton Mestizo, artist and researcher; Sebastian Avila, photographer and filmmaker; Gina Parra filmmaker, and Catalina Lozano, sound engineer; BORAL, collaborative audiovisual project by composer Julian Moreno and Andres Camilo Moreno, audiovisual producer.

Here you can find all the programming.

This festival is one of the most important experimental video meetings in full-dome format in Latin America. In addition, the pieces will use the new Griffyn 4K32-RGB laser projection system, which has a 34,000 lumen brightness and 4K resolution, as well as a wide range of colors and precise contrasts.

The projections will be for free in the Planetarium of Bogotá’s dome, as well as the workshop will be led by Jeremy Oury in the Platform Bogotá and CK:\WEB facilities on Wednesday, December 1 and Friday, December 3 from 2:00 to 6:00 pm, with prior registration.

Additionally, there will be a series of conferences during these four days. The first, called Disertación acerca de paisajes político-tecnológicos (Dissertation on political-technological landscapes) by the ZCCZ Collective, will be on Thursday, December 2, from 6:00 pm to 8:00 pm in the Planetarium of Bogotá’s auditorium, while the second will be Fractales (Fractals) by Julius Horsthuis on December 4 December at 2:00 pm, virtually. It will be broadcast on Platform Bogotá and CK:\WEB social media.